Khalsa Foods, Seven Hills

Khalsa Foods in Seven Hills is a small place but very generous on the flavours, ideas and variety of the food they serve. This is a pure vegetarian restaurant which serves Indian food but their Italian fusion stands out. They also have a huge range of vegetarian (eggless) cakes and cupcakes. Surprised, yes there are many egg-replacements available, so pure eggless cake is a reality.  They have gluten free and Vegan options available as well. The team at Khalsa is dedicated to providing best quality food, true to its name which means “Pure“.

We went to Khalsa Foods to enquire about the cakes as we wanted an egg less cake which is soft and fluffy. Once we had very bad experience with a reputed cake makers with the egg less cake which tasted like a biscuits bed with heaps of cream on it. Khalsa Foods have an impressive range of designer cakes in different shapes, numbers, flavours and they can also create tiered cakes for marriages and parties.

Here are few of their Designer Cakes. This one on the left is a three tiered cake with a nice flower decoration in Red/White perfect for marriages, large groups or anniversary celebration. On the right is a Doll cake for girls looks very nice, it is very popular with little girls. I personally don’t like the idea of cutting a doll so we decided not to order that one.

You can design your cake choose the design, colour, flavour and leave it in their capable hands. Most common flavours are vanilla and chocolate but they can do pineapple, carrot – walnut, banana, berry, fruit and nuts and any other flavour. We tasted some of their cupcakes available on that day and we liked Black Forest flavour one.

We bought the cake below for our daughter’s birthday in Black forest chocolate flavour. The cake was beautifully decorated with lovely pink roses made with butter cream which was big hit with kids. The icing was perfect not too sweet, cake was very very soft, spongy and bursting with flavour. Even elders seems to be enjoying the cake and it was hard to believe that it was pure vegetarian (eggless) cake. We even got calls from some friends enquiring about the cake shop.

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

So next time if you want cake for any occasion head to Khalsa foods and choose your design. Also go there on empty stomach to try Pizzas with a twist and other traditional foods. I will soon be writing another blog with their food review, till then treat your taste buds with yummy cake and cupcakes.

Khalsa Foods

105 Best Road, Seven Hills, NSW


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