The Dosa Hub, Five Docks : Taste of South India

As the name suggests,  “The Dosa Hub” is the South Indian restaurant with Dosa (crepe made with fermented batter of rice and lentils) and Biryani (vegetable rice cooked in Mughlai style) as their signature dishes. It is located far from our place but foodie’s can go anywhere for good food. I heard too many good things about them and this was on my wish list from long long time. The drive was good and they have plenty of parking on the back of the restaurant (ah what a relief).

The dosa story started when the owners decided to offer something authentic and unique. They dig deep into the family’s recipe books to find the most perfect recipe to make the batter for the dosa which is the most important ingredient. They perfected this art of making the batter and came up with different varieties which cannot be found in any other place. All the dosas there are vegetarian so we were up for a big self paid treat :).

Starters / Mains

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa


The menu was tempting with so many vegetarian options, I thought they only have dosas but to my surprise they even have a large selection of curries and naans. We decided to try varieties of dosas and skipped the entree. We started with the Masala Dosa (another good one here) which is the most authentic version with potato filling. It reminded me of the popular dosa joint in India where I used to go with my parents in the childhood days.

Karam Dosa

Karam Dosa

The most tempting items on the menu were Karam Dosa and Peri Peri Dosa (specially for spice lovers), which I have never tried before. Karam Dosa has a layer of mildly spiced onion paste spread on the Dosa. We tried the one with a filling of onion, cashews and chilly. The paste added extra zest and flavour to the dosa, much to our liking. Peri Peri Dosa is totally a different version Dosa with a filling of grilled capsicum, cabbage, onions and tomatoes. Peri Peri dosa is what I will call “The Dosa of the day“, with healthy batter and super healthy filling.

Their dosas were very light and after trying three we wanted to try more. All the dosas were served with Sambhar (spiced lentil soup) and three chutneys (dips) –  cocunut chutney, ginger chutney and peanut chutney. I was slightly inclined towards peanut chutney which was full of flavour, perfectly spiced.

We also tried Paneer Dosa which is good for kids, lightly spiced served with yogurt dip and mix vegetable curry. Overall the dosas were excellent crispy and not heavy at all.

Dum Biryani

Dum Biryani

Last item for the day was Dum Vegetable Biryani (layered rice) which is marinated vegetable and rice cooked on slow fire in earthen pot. I have tasted biryani at many places but this one was totally different. The Reason behind the perfect biryani again was lot of research. For me two things did the magic spiced soya and burning coal which was put on the top to give it a real smocky flavour. It was served with yogurt dip, salad and spicy chilly curry called Mirch ka salan which is full of flavour, very bold indeed.

They also have special kids menu and bottomless thali (another good one here) which I am going to try very soon. We all liked this place very much, though got bit carried away with too many vegetarian options. No room was left for trying some of their special desserts (apricot dessert), as they say there is always a next time.

The Dosa Hub

86 Great North Road, Five Dock


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