Not Just Curries, Harris Park : Treat your tastebuds

Calm your senses with Authentic Indian Cuisine.

“Cooking is an art, which originates from the heart” says one of the creators of the restaurant. Indian cuisine is most diverse food in the world but sometimes it is a perception that it is just curry, Naan and papadams. In fact Indian cooking boasts different cuisines with so many cooking methods, use of different spices to satisfy taste buds and take care of health as well. Served authentically and in right amount it could be the right food for the body, says the three enthusiasts owners. Keeping this in mind they have created this dining experience which is Not Just Curries but selected delicacies form different corners of India.



Whenever we hear the word Kebab we always think of it as meat on the stick but nowadays so many vegetarian options are available. We had “Vegetable Shammi Kebabs” which is a medley of lentils and vegetables. They were awesome, very soft but bit spicy. The tangy refreshing yogurt sauce and salad was served with it. Though it is a stater but it is a light meal in itself and though it was pan fried but was light and not oily at all.


Main Meal

We decided to try the Thali meal which is a combination of four different curries, rice, Naan, yogurt, pickle, papad, sweet and salad served together. The idea behind the thali is to serve six different flavours salty, spicy, bitter, sour, astringent and sweet on one plate. According to customs a proper meal should be balance of all six flavours. The curries served on the day were Paneer Butter Masala, Dal Makhani, Bitterguard and Aloo Curry.

Paneer Butter Masala was very yummy with silken paneer cooked in buttery, nutty tomato based sauce. It was on the mild side but could be made spicy on request. Dal Makhani was absolute table please with slowly cooked lentils tempered with onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and various other spices. Aalo (potato) curry was simple yet delicious. Bitter guard as the name suggest is bit bitter but was cooked with lot so onions to balance the bitterness. Also their thali meal is eat as much as you can. I liked their way of serving the curries at the table instead of us getting up to fill the plate.


Thali meal included the dessert Halwa which is semolina cooked in sugar syrup and flavoured eight cinnamon and garnished with dry fruits. The quantity was bit less but after eating so much only that much was required.

we really enjoyed the meal at Not Just curries and will definitely go there again to try other dishes after sampling few of the curries. The first thing that came into our mind while eating was that everything is very fresh and light.

Not Just Curries

66 Wigram Street, Harris Park, NSW



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