Ginger Indian Restaurant, Harris Park.

Me and my husband love to try new restaurants and we are the first few people to visit newly opened restaurants. For some reason we were shying out from this place, one day we just landed there without expectations and we were served excellent food.  We missed this one for a while but then it’s better late than never. The interiors are tastefully decorated and they have placed fountain at the entry. There is some place to sit outside as well and it is really nice to eat hearing the sound of the fountain, romantic indeed !


We stated with Harayali Kebab (yes it is vegetarian) which were melting in the mouth. They were toothsome with perfect blend of herbs and spices. The mint and yogurt dip was refreshing and perfect match for the kebab.


Main Meal

For mains we had Mushroom Do Paiza (similar paneer curry herewhich had onions used in two ways. The mushrooms were very fresh as if they came out straight from the farm and cooked. The gravy was thick, the onions were adding sweetness to the gravy and was balancing the spices. Personally I am not a big fan of mushrooms (healthy mushroom) but this curry is a heart robber. We went back several times there just to eat this curry.


We settled with Zeera Aalo which is all times favourite, simple yet flavoursome. Boiled potatoes tampered with zeera, whole red chilles and onions is kids favourite as well. (For kids please order milder version).

The Garlic Naans & Pudina Naans were perfectly baked with hint of garlic and mint.



Lastly we decided to try the speciality dessert Shahi Tukray which is fried bread served with condensed milk and dry fruits. It is the dessert worth dying for not so healthy but then all unhealthy food tastes awesome. Perfect for the treat, simply heavenly!!


Overall we enjoyed the food and the service was good. We would definitely go back to try other dishes they had to offer specially the kids menu.

Ginger Indian Restaurant

94 Wigram Street, Harris Park, NSW


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