Neelam Indian Restaurant, Parramatta : A delight

Neelam Indian Restaurant , Parramatta

Neelam Indian Restaurant

Yesterday was a cold night and we wanted to eat something hot and spicy to beat the cold. We decided to have a date night at one of the finest Indian restaurant (my favourite as well) located in the heart of Parramatta. For an Indian fix, visit to Neelam Indian restaurant is a must because of its freshly made flavoured curries and naan bread. It is tastefully decorated and is perfect both for parties or nice relaxed meals.


To start with we ordered Samosa which is most popular anytime snack in India. Samosas were very yummy crispy on the outside with spicy potato filling. The sweet tamarind dip was perfect with mix of sweet, sour, salt and tangy flavours.



Main Meal

You cannot leave the restaurant without ordering their “Curry of the day“. We tried their Dal Maharani which was the special  curry of the day. I am not a big fan of trying lentils at restaurants but I am glad we decided to taste that, it was one of the best cold beaters we could have. It is a mix of five or more lentils cooked together tampered with spices and Ghee. We were so impressed with the flavours that I goggled several recipes and every time I cook lentils I am inclined toward making this one.

We also ordered Shahi Paneer (Cottage Cheese in butter gravy). The gravy was very smooth, creamy with aromatic cardamom which was adding extra zest to the curry. Paneer was very fresh and was melting in the mouth. It was on the mild side and perfect for kids, our six year old daughter’s favourite as well.

Garlic Naans are perfect to go with the curries but if you are a health freak you can have wholemeal options as well.

Shahi Paneer

Shahi Paneer


To finish with we had hot Gulab Jamuns for sweet. The sugar syrup had a very nice flavour of rose water and Jamuns were perfectly fried with golden color on the outside and little stuffing of cashews and raisins in the middle.

Gulab Jamuns

Gulab Jamuns

I would highly recommend visiting Neelam if you have taste for authentic Indian food. Food is not very expensive and it has great ambience. They have another branch in Harris Park which I am going to try out very soon.

Neelam indian Restaurant

79 Macquarie Street, Parramatta, NSW


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